Service Overview

Dapatchi Homes is an exciting joint venture between Dapatchi Group and YourHome Ltd. Dapatchi Homes is passionate about delivering affordable living solutions to an ageing population. We have recently acquired an incredible Grade II listed pottery in the North West and are working hard to bring this space back to life in a green, affordable, sensitive and modern way. Our vision is to create a semi-retirement eco-village which we hope will drive much-needed value to the community.

We aim to deliver this project utilising the latest technologies, and our expertise to produce a greener product with low running costs and a low capital value for our end-user demographic, whilst delivering stylish, safe homes with a wealth of amenities in keeping with the building’s history and community importance.

Ultimately through this project, our company is starting the process of answering the question:

‘How do we create a sustainable and affordable living for an ageing population whilst promoting independence, comfort and positive standards for all?’’

Dapatchi Homes Falcon Works

To truly delver value back to a community by providing much needed accommodation whilst considering the history and architecture of the building.

Our mission

‘To breathe new life into unused, neglected, locally recognised buildings and transform them into vibrant spaces that adds value to the local community. To use the latest technologies to make each development as eco-friendly as possible to truly stand the test of time.’

Brochure coming soon!
Brochure coming soon!